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1937 Warbo Formant Organ 1938 The Melodium 1947 The Melochord 1950 The Polychord 1950 The Polychord III 1951 The Bode Organ 1951 The Cembaphon 1953 The Tuttivox 1953 German version of Clavioline 1954 The Estey Organ – Model S and AS-1 1960 Modular synthesizer sound processor 1964 Bode Ring Modulator 1964 Bode Frequency Shifters 1977 […]

Please click the link below for the Estey Organ Museum Newsletter for the upcoming exhibit A Lifetime for Sound – retrospective of physicist Harald Bode.



Welcome to the Harald Bode Archive blog. Harald Bode was born in Hamburg Germany in 1909. He immigrated to the US in 1954 and passed away in early 1987. He has left behind the legacy of 50 years of musical Instrument design and development. All those involved in the project thank you for your interest […]