CEC eContact! 13.4 Harald Bode Issue


The Harald Bode Archive’s recent project, Issue 13.4 of eContact!

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
(CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community

eContact! 13.4 — Harald Bode

[E] A panorama of the life and work of Harald Bode, the man behind what have long been household names in the electronic instrument industry: the Melodium (1938), Melochord (1947), Clavioline (1950s) and the Frequency Shifter in early Moog synths all bear the stamp of his celebrated designs and workmanship.

[F] Un survol de la vie et l’¦uvre de Harald Bode, l’homme à l’origine de certains des instruments les plus connus de l’industrie des instruments électroniques : le Melodium (1938), le Melochord (1947), le Clavioline (années 50) et le Frequency Shifter des premiers synthétiseurs Moog sont autant de témoignages de la qualité de ses concepts et de leur réalisation.

[!!] eContact! 13.4 — Harald Bode http://cec.sonus.ca/econtact

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community
http://cec.sonus.ca | cec@sonus.ca
http://facebook.com/cec.sonus | http://twitter.com/CEC_ca

About the CEC

Founded in 1986, the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) is Canada’s official national association for electroacoustics and as such is dedicated to promoting this progressive art form in its broadest definition: from “pure” acousmatic and computer music to soundscape and sonic art to hardware hacking and beyond.

The CEC endeavours to foster a broad, diverse and inclusive community of electroacoustic practitioners, raise the profile of electroacoustics in the Canadian arts milieu, and to promote Canadian electroacoustic composers and activities across Canada and internationally. The various ongoing and singular CEC activities aim to maintain and strengthen communications and information flow concerning electroacoustics.

With projects such as the electronic journal eContact!, the online jukebox SONUS, the annual Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) project for Canadian-based young and emerging sound artists, and the Cache, PRESENCE and DISContact! CD compilation series, the CEC offers Canadian electroacousticians a venue to both promote themselves and participate within the global community, thereby fostering mutual awareness and benefit in the international scene.

Great thanks to everyone at CEC and eContact! for making this special issue happen!


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